Peoples Gas’ Whitson to serve on JAX Chamber Board

The JAX Chamber recently announced its 2016 Board of Directors, which for the first time includes TECO Peoples Gas’ Jeff Whitson, regional manager of Local Government, Community Relations, and Economic Development. Whitson has been a member of JAX USA, the economic development arm of the Jacksonville Chamber, for three years.

“It’s exciting to be involved with this forward-looking group,” said Whitson. “The JAX Chamber is dedicated to driving economic growth. The connections we make result in business growth and a more prosperous economy for the greater Jacksonville area.”

Whitson, who lives in Jacksonville and has been with TECO for three years, also chairs the energy committee for the JAX Biz Alliance, which is also part of the Jacksonville Chamber. This committee determines energy issue positions for the business community. The energy committee also co-hosted Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s Energy Summit in Jacksonville in October 2015.

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