TECO Peoples Gas Natural Gas Outage Restoration Video

Natural gas outages are rare

Our team members work hard to make sure our customers’ natural gas service is reliable. The customers we serve know that reliability is one of the major benefits of using natural gas and they expect dependable service. In a state that has many tropical weather events that can cause power failures, the fact that natural gas mains are underground is a definite advantage. In the rare event a major natural gas outage occurs, it’s usually caused by a third-party doing damage to our infrastructure. When this happens, our team members work diligently to quickly and safely restore your service.

Natural gas outage restoration priorities

Our customers are important to us and we want to ensure you understand the protocol we’re required to use when a large natural gas outage occurs. The process is more complex than just flipping a switch after repairs have been made and may take longer than you might expect. Since safety is our number one priority for our customers the community and our team members, we carefully follow all established restoration procedures. But this protocol also allows us to get the largest number of customers back in service in the shortest period of time, and work from there to restore service to every last customer.

Watch our short video to find out what actually happens during a natural gas outage restoration.

What many people don’t realize is that when there is major damage to a natural gas main, the gas flow to the surrounding area has to be turned off to safely facilitate the repairs. Service technicians have to go door to door and turn off and lock all affected customer meters to ensure the safety of the neighborhood. When this is completed, repairs can safely be made to the damaged natural gas main. Then the system is purged and natural gas is put back into the system. The final step is when service technicians make a return visit to each customer that was turned off. They unlock the meters, relight all pilots and test all appliances for safety before they move on to the next premise. This process takes time, but allows us to ensure the safety of everyone while service is restored to all our customers.

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