Natural gas lighting can light up your nights

Courtyard with natural gas lightingDuring Florida’s mild winter nights and sultry summers, enjoy special outdoor evenings with the style and beauty of natural gas outdoor lights.

With natural gas lighting you can keep the area around your home beautifully lit, while inviting intimacy and comfort. Natural gas lights add ambiance without attracting insects. A real plus here in Florida. Plus the lights stay on during power outages. There are many other advantages of gas outdoor lighting.

Natural gas lighting options

Natural gas outdoor lighting offers a rich glow and nostalgic touch for entryways, walkways, patios and yards. There are hundreds of options for any installation. Sconces, ceiling lamps, wall mounts, lamps on poles. You name it and it’s available.

Both electronic and manual ignition is available for most units. The choices offer a wide array of ways to add appeal to your home. Whether encased in a reflective wind guard or open to the night air, the warm flames of natural gas lighting create environments meant to be enjoyed.

Natural gas lighting styles

Gas lighting also comes in a variety of styles to complement the outdoor look of any home. Design choices are endless, ranging from Mediterranean to Art Deco, Tuscan to Rustic, Whimsical to Classic. You can invoke the charm of the French Quarter, the stately grandeur of France, the contemporary flair of black and chrome, the romance of old-world England, the beautiful luster of copper, and much more.

You’ll love the instant ambiance you get when you add natural gas lighting. Light up your life with elegance and sophistication, and see the difference natural gas powered lighting will make in your home.

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