Light up your summer with natural gas lighting

Is entertaining one of your favorite things? Do your friends and family think of your backyard patio as the place to gather? Does the conversation keep going well after midnight?

If your house is a party destination, consider using natural gas lighting to keep things going well after the sun goes down. For backyard parties, there’s no better lighting solution than natural gas lights.

Gas lighting benefits

Natural gas lighting adds tropical appeal to lanais and spa/pool areas. All that extra charm but they don’t attract bugs. How cool is that?

Gas lighting is available in a wide assortment of styles and provides a beautiful and comfortable glow. An extra plus is that natural gas lights work even during summer storms when the power goes out. Check our website for more benefits

Natural gas lighting options

There are hundreds of options for any installation. Sconces, ceiling lamps, wall mounts, lamps on poles. You name it and it’s available.

Both electronic and manual ignition is available for most units. Whether encased in a reflective wind guard or open to the night air, the warm flames of natural gas lighting create environments meant to be enjoyed.

Design choices are endless, ranging from Mediterranean to Art Deco, Tuscan to Rustic, Whimsical to Classic. You can invoke the charm of the French Quarter, the stately grandeur of France, the contemporary flair of black and chrome, the romance of old-world England, the beautiful luster of copper, and much more.

You’ll love the instant ambiance you get when you add natural gas lighting. Install natural gas lights that work with easy on/off operation, kick back and enjoy the glow.



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