Natural Gas Kids Safety Video for Your Family

kids safety videoNatural gas appliance safety is an important topic for everyone. Children and youth help spread critical information to family and friends. They’re also the next generation of our natural gas utility customers. And we want to keep them safe and informed!

With this audience in mind, the American Gas Association (AGA) has created a terrific natural gas kids safety video. We want to share it with you and your family.

Natural Gas Kids Safety Video

The animated video talks about the importance of natural gas safety in the home. The short, colorful piece is aimed at elementary and middle school aged children. It explains several things. Kids will learn which appliances use natural gas. They also will find out how to identify a natural gas leak. And most important of all, what to do if a leak occurs.

These key natural gas kids safety messages are critical to family and caregivers. Plus, we want to make sure the next generation of utility customers gets the message. Check it out!

The kids might also like our retro TV spot about calling 8-1-1 before you dig in the yard or garden.

There’s also lots of good general safety information about natural gas on our website, too.

Be safe!


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