Natural Gas fleet vehicles are good for Florida’s economy

natural gas fleet vehicle

Refuse hauler fueled by natural gas

Here at Peoples Gas we’ve known that natural gas vehicles or NGVs are good for the environment. Plus fleet vehicles save money by using natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel. But now we know NGVs are good for the economy, too.

In early October reported that Florida’s natural gas fleet vehicle incentive program produced 1,820 jobs and $68 million in wages in the state. Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

Since January 2014 when the program began, the State has spent $4.7 million in  rebates through Florida’s Natural Gas Commercial Fleet Vehicle Rebate program. Using the RIMS II multipliers formula established by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the state’s $4.7 million investment has generated a total economic output of $204.5 million, along with the 1,820 jobs and $68 million in wage earnings.

natural gas fleet vehicles

Transport shuttle buses fueled by natural gas

Florida CNG or natural gas fleet vehicles consist of airport shuttles, city buses, garbage trucks, school buses, over-the road trucks and more. These fleets generally operate a number of vehicles that are centrally maintained and fueled. Fleet vehicles travel longer distances than the average personal–use vehicle, so they’re able to take advantage of the lower price per gallon of natural gas.

Before the legislation went into effect, Florida had 18 compressed natural gas fueling stations. There are now 61 active fueling stations. Twenty-nine more are in the planning stage, indicating that natural gas vehicles will continue to have a positive effect on Florida’s economy.

CNG decalThe next time you notice a small CNG (compressed natural gas) decal on a vehicle, think about the benefits natural gas vehicles bring to our state. They are lowering carbon emissions at the same time they are creating jobs. We think that’s a great combo!

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