Natural gas facts for kids

natural gas facts for kidsIf you’re looking for ways to occupy the kids over the summer, here’s a few things to help. These items will not only keep them busy for a bit, but they will learn some natural gas facts at the same time.

Natural gas facts activity booklet

For starters, download our free 4-page natural gas activity booklet. It is full of games and puzzles to teach youngsters about the energy-saving and earth-friendly aspects of natural gas. It’s geared for ages 8 and up, but you can help smaller with the activities.

 Call 811 – Children’s Pirate Video

Young and old alike will enjoy this entertaining seven minute video while learning about digging safely in your own backyard. Yarrr!

 Natural gas safety video for kids

This animated video teaches kids (and parents) about natural gas safety in the home. The short, colorful piece is aimed at elementary and middle school-aged children. It explains several things. Kids will learn which appliances use natural gas. They also will find out how to identify a natural gas leak. And most important of all, what to do if a leak occurs. Check it out!

Cartoon natural gas TV spot

Here’s a fun, retro television commercial that the kids will enjoy. It reminds everyone in the family to call before they dig in the backyard. 

If your older kids want to learn more about natural gas facts for fun or a school project, there’s lots of good info at

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