A brief history of TECO Peoples Gas Part 2

TECO Peoples Gas history

This storage facility originally held manufactured gas at a Miami location

We’d like for you to get to know us better at TECO Peoples Gas, so we’re sharing our life story in this blog. We’ve been around since 1895, so we broke our story into two parts. The second installment is below.

Mid-century consolidations

In 1955, the first of several consolidations of the original independent gas operations throughout Florida began. Peoples Water and Gas Company of North Miami purchased Tampa Gas Company. Three years later the combined operations, serving more than 30 Florida communities, were reincorporated as Peoples Gas Systems, Inc. Operations were divided into an East Coast division centered in North Miami and a West Coast Division with headquarters in Tampa.

Natural gas pipelines

TECO Peoples Gas history

Early work on Florida’s natural gas pipeline

The gas distribution business in Florida underwent a major change in 1959. Peoples Gas began to close gas manufacturing operations. They were converted to the distribution of natural gas. Natural gas had become available for the first time through a newly constructed pipeline built by the predecessor of Florida Gas Transmission Company.

The gas was transported from well fields in Texas and Louisiana across north Florida to the southern tip of the state. Expansion of this statewide distribution network continued through the 1960s and 1970s. This allowed for the coordination of all natural gas operations within the Peoples Gas system.

Continued growth

TECO Peoples Gas history

Natural gas gate station

In 1976, Lykes Bros., Inc. acquired the stock of Peoples Gas. In 1979, the gas distribution properties of Florida Gas Company were also acquired. These distribution operations included Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Miami and Eustis. With this acquisition, Peoples Gas became the largest natural gas distributor in the state.

Peoples Gas came under TECO Energy’s umbrella through an acquisition in 1997. Currently Peoples Gas serves 350,000 natural gas customers, nearly half of all natural gas customers in Florida. As a public utility, TECO Peoples Gas is regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission, which sets its rates statewide and governs its operation.

TECO Peoples Gas

TECO Peoples Gas technician testing a natural gas meter

TECO Peoples Gas provides Florida with reliable, environmentally-friendly, economical natural gas and top rated customer service. As Florida’s leading provider of regulated natural gas distribution services, TECO Peoples Gas has a presence in most of the state’s metropolitan areas.

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