Natural gas safety – get familiar with it

man at computer learning about natural gas safetyPeoples Gas is proud to be a part of an industry that provides the best energy value to our customers. Plus we provide an outstanding natural gas safety and environmental record.

Natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable forms of energy available when it is used properly. But just as with all forms of energy, improper or careless use may cause property damage, personal injury or even death.

Where to find natural gas safety information

We encourage all of our customers to become familiar with our natural gas safety information on our website. You can learn many procedures and tips about using natural gas and natural gas appliances. We offer information required by national guidelines. We also provide further safety info to help you protect your home and family. Please take some time to read through it because we value your safety and business. You can always call us at 877-832-6747 in case of an emergency. (Do not email emergency information.)

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