Floyd’s new role marks a milestone for Florida Natural Gas Association

Kandi Floyd, manager of Regulatory Affairs at Peoples Gas.

Kandi Floyd, manager of Regulatory Affairs at Peoples Gas.

Kandi Floyd is a like a guiding light for the future of Florida’s natural gas industry: the manager of Regulatory Affairs at Peoples Gas is not only the new president of the Florida Natural Gas Association (FNGA); she’s also the first woman to hold that role in the FNGA’s 57-year history.

The FNGA is a “non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the growth of the natural gas industry in the state of Florida. It also seeks to protect the interests of the industry, its members and consumers.” As president, Floyd will help guide efforts to increase natural gas options for consumers across Florida and focus on ways that FNGA members – including municipal gas providers, local distribution companies, special gas districts and more – can explore synergies as more homes and business throughout the state discover the multitude of benefits of using natural gas. 

Though she’s fully aware of her status as a trailblazer, Floyd said her focus is squarely on helping all FNGA members succeed together.

“It truly is a great time to be in our industry, and this association is well-positioned to support the growth of natural gas in Florida,” she said. “As an association, we have proven ourselves through our collaboration, messaging, successful passage of legislation and our endurance through tough times, all while growing stronger to tackle new issues and challenges that may come before us. We have an engaged membership, active committees and we are ready for the future.”

Rick Wall, vice president of Gas Operations with Peoples Gas as well as a member of the FNGA board, praised Floyd’s selection as FNGA president.

“Kandi has been a champion for Peoples Gas and, in doing so, has been a very active leader within this association over the past 15 years,” Wall said. “This is a truly a significant change and key event within the FNGA; this is a position and honor she has clearly earned, and is excited to be leading going forward.”

He added, “I believe this will serve as a milestone event here in Florida in regards to the gas association, its members and associate firms, along with a number of other entities that are observing the progressive growth within the industry, the association and our company. This unquestionably and soundly sends a positive signal of opportunity for all women and men alike.”

Floyd has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from St. Leo University. A 22-year TECO Energy veteran, Floyd joined the family of companies in the Regulatory department at Tampa Electric before moving to the since-divested TECO Transport. From there, and for the past 20 years, she’s been with the Regulatory department at Peoples Gas. She has also served as chair of the FNGA political action committee and is past chair of the FNGA governmental relations, Southern Gas Association and American Gas Association Rate and Regulatory committees.

Floyd, whose two-year term as FNGA president began in June, said a bright future for the natural gas industry will come in part from member engagement, education and more.

“As an association, we are a team and it takes each one of us to make a difference so I want to encourage [all FNGA members] to become more involved,” she said. “Focusing on the future, we can strengthen our partnerships in Florida’s education system by showcasing the wide variety of careers in our industry, and build an educated and well-trained workforce that will strengthen our companies for tomorrow and years to come.”



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