Environmentally-friendly Natural Gas

natural gasEarth Day seems like a good time to take a look at the environmental advantages of using natural gas.

Natural gas can lighten your carbon footprint

Small actions add up.

When one average Florida household switches a non-gas water heater to a natural gas tankless water heater, it reduces the household carbon footprint by approximately 3,000 pounds every year. (That’s about the size of an average rhinoceros!)

If just 10,000 Floridians made the switch to environmentally-friendly natural gas, the state’s carbon footprint would be reduced by 15,000 tons each year. Saving 15,000 tons of carbon is equivalent to recycling about 4,700 tons of waste instead of sending to a landfill. Or removing the emissions of nearly 2,500 automobiles on Florida roads each year.

Some benefits of environmentally-friendly natural gas

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels on the market today. This is because it produces much lower emissions than other fossil fuels like coal or oil. It is also extraordinarily efficient. This is impressive when you consider that nearly 67 million American homes use natural gas.

 Plus, natural gas appliance technology has improved tremendously over the past 40 years.

  • One example is natural gas furnaces that can achieve 97 percent efficiency.
  • The average American home consumes 40 percent less natural gas than it did 40 years ago, even though homes are larger now.
  • In the last four decades,  the decrease in natural gas use per residential customer has averaged one percentage point per year.

 Natural gas helps save energy and reduce emissions

Since 1981, TECO Peoples Gas’ has spent $160 million providing Energy Conservation rebates. This went to 285,000 customers for more than 890,000 natural gas appliances. We are proud of our track record.

This and similar programs throughout the United States offset a total of more than 7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Let us help you make your home more environmentally-friendly by converting to natural gas or adding another natural gas appliance to your residence.


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