Environmentally friendly homes use natural gas

environmentally friendly homeEnjoying an environmentally friendly home or “green” lifestyle can’t get much easier than living in a home fueled by natural gas.

Most people know that a natural gas tankless water heater provides endless hot water and saves space. But did you know that very same tankless water heater also reduces the carbon footprint of a household by over 3,000 pounds every year? Now that’s a lot of carbon savings.

Natural gas is the greener, cleaner domestic fuel choice for your home energy needs. Using a natural gas range, furnace and clothes dryer can take away another 1,000 pounds of carbon per year. Even more, if you live in the colder, northern parts of Florida.

Natural gas appliances are efficient. Efficiency translates to “green”. And green means money saved on fuel costs as well as carbon savings.

  • Dryers finish drying your laundry in half the time as non-gas models.
  • Ranges heat up and turn off instantly.
  • Tankless water heaters burn natural gas only when you are actually running the water – not heating a whole tank continuously.
  • Tankless units last about twice as long, so there is less impact on waste landfills.
  • Cooking outside on a natural gas grill eliminates heating up the house in the summertime, helping to lower your air conditioning bill. 

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    Installing a natural gas tankless water heater is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly. You will also save space and money on your fuel costs.

There is another eco-friendly benefit of natural gas. Very little fuel is lost during the production process from the wellhead until the gas reaches the end user. This efficiency adds even more to the environmental value of natural gas. Check out how it works.

Adding natural gas appliances can definitely make your home more eco-friendly. Give us a call today at 877 TECO PGS to find out how to get started.


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