Peoples Gas brings community focus to Ormond Beach trash cleanup

Peoples Gas team members with the Daytona Division with the bags of trash they've filled on Ormond Beach.

Peoples Gas team members with the Daytona Division pause for a photo with the bags of trash they’ve filled on Ormond Beach.

Team members from the Daytona Division of Peoples Gas spent the afternoon of April 26 at the beach, soaking up a little sun as they picked up trash.

Across a breezy expanse of Ormond Beach, team members filled garbage bags with plastic, cans and other litter. In their support of company goals in the community, they had fun doing something good for the environment and advancing the aims of Earth Day, officially celebrated this year on April 22. 

“While it may be everyone’s responsibility to do their part to keep the beach clean, this team was happy to have the opportunity to step up and do its part to make a difference,” said Joni Murray, work coordinator with Peoples Gas Day Operations.

Murray said that as the team focused on the community, the community responded by showing its appreciation.

“These beaches are so beautiful and they’re usually pretty crowded with people, so it’s a shame but not entirely surprising to find litter here,” Murray said. “It was really nice how total strangers on the beach came up and thanked us for our community service.”

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