Compressed Natural Gas Station Opens to Public in Orlando

compressed natural gas station

Gruetzmacher addresses ribbon-cutting attendees.

TECO Peoples Gas team members joined TruStar Energy to cut the ribbon on a new compressed natural gas station to fuel vehicles traveling in Orlando.

The public fueling station – built, owned and operated by TruStar Energy – is located in a heavy truck traffic corridor. It’s capable of fueling several hundred vehicles a day. TECO Peoples Gas delivers compresses natural gas (CNG) to the station.

Congressman Daniel Webster and State Representative Victor Torres both spoke about the benefits of compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel in Florida. It’s a domestically produced fuel that reduces the need for foreign oil and supports job growth in Florida. Because of its clean profile, it’s an environmentally prudent choice for fleet operators.

Adam Comora, president of TruStar, said the company has embarked on a strategic path to open dozens of public CNG stations over the next several years. This station in Orlando is the company’s first.

“By using domestically produced natural gas to fuel our transportation needs, we are not only creating and securing more American jobs, but also decreasing our dependence on foreign oil,” said Keith Gruetzmacher, senior manager of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Programs for TECO Peoples Gas.

“This is another box we can check off of our plan to make it easy to travel across Florida. We want everyone to feel confident that a natural gas fueling station will be conveniently located as they travel to their destination,” Gruetzmacher said.

Florida is one of the fastest-growing compressed natural gas markets in the U.S. Today, there are more than 1,000 fleet vehicles fueling at 35 stations across Florida served by Peoples Gas.

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