Recent cold weather may result in a higher bill

457488069The recent record-setting cold spells in Florida were quite different from our normal winter. Some of our customers are seeing higher bills as a result.

Why you might have a higher bill this month

Heating your home requires a lot of fuel. When it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re cooling your home to 78, you need only enough energy to lower the temperature 12 degrees. But when it’s 30 degrees outside and you’re heating your home to 70, you have to use enough energy to cause a 40-degree change in temperature. This requires more fuel than you usually use, resulting in a higher bill.

The actual cost of the fuel, shown on natural gas bills as PGA or Purchased Gas Adjustment, is recalculated monthly. This is a pass through cost to our customers. Peoples Gas does not make any money on the cost of the fuel. Often during extreme cold weather, the PGA goes up because we have to purchase extra gas at higher market prices to meet the additional demand caused by the weather. Since the PGA is calculated every month, it usually goes down as the weather warms up across the country.

Peoples Gas makes every effort to keep this pass through fuel cost as manageable as possible for our customers. We use a diversified fuel supply mix and financial strategies that help us protect our gas supplies from price fluctuations as best we can. While we work to manage the cost of fuel, there are ways you can take greater control of your natural gas bill. Check out these energy-saving practices listed on our website.

Helping customers in need

If you or someone you care for needs advice or financial assistance with a natural gas bill, call the Florida 2-1-1 Network or 1-877 TECO PGS for a list of organizations in your area that may be able to help.

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