Call 811 before you dig to protect natural gas lines

call 811Peoples Gas works diligently to inform people about the results of hitting a natural gas line while digging. A hit line can pose danger as well as interrupting utility service to homes and businesses in the area.

In 2015 942 excavation companies struck natural gas pipelines within Peoples Gas’ 11,590 square miles of territory. That number was up two percent from the year before. Help us spread the word about how to dig safely.

Call 811 before you dig

If you or a contractor are planning to dig in your yard, remember to call 811 first. Spring is here and many of us will start those outdoor projects we’ve been planning or dreaming of during the winter months.

Maybe you are ready to install that new fence along the alleyway. Then there are those azalea bushes and that willow oak that you’ve wanted to add in the front yard. And honestly, you need a new mail box to spruce up your curb appeal; the old one looks a bit tired and worn. All of these projects involve excavating in your yard. Here is something important you should remember.

Call 811 to get lines marked

Be sure to call 811 three days before your project. Utility lines are shallower than you may think. And common outside projects that involve digging can damage them. The free 811 service provided by Peoples Gas will have your natural gas and other utility lines marked with paint, flags or stakes within two days after you call. Then you can dig without damaging any lines.

811’s slogan – Know what’s below. Call before you dig. – is a handy reminder so you can avoid possible service interruptions for you and your neighbors. No one likes to lose their internet, cable, natural gas or other services. Watch our latest television spot for a humorous reminder of what can happen.

Planning to work on the weekend? Call 811 by Wednesday.

Failure to call 811 before digging can result in unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. This can lead to injury, penalties, repair costs, and inconvenient utility service interruptions. More information can be found at Sunshine 811.Natural Gas

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