Shopping for the right natural gas grill

natural gas grillA natural gas grill makes a great present for Dad. With Father’s Day just around the corner, many people are out shopping for grills. We’ve come up with some info that can help you choose the perfect one for him.

When buying a natural gas grill, here are some things to consider.

Quality versus price. Gas grills are available in a wide price range. Be sure to balance the price of the grill you are buying against the quality you are getting.

Service. If a natural gas grill is properly maintained, it can last for years. Buy from a company you can trust for service if you need it as the grill ages.

Reputable company.  A natural gas grill is a major appliance. Make sure to buy from a company whom you can trust to install it safely and efficiently.

Features. The most popular grill features to look for include easy-to-clean cooking surfaces, dual burners and handy shelves and racks.

Ask your friends and neighbors where they purchased their grill. Also ask them what they like and dislike most about them. Find out what features and benefits are available. You can learn a lot from hearing their experiences. Here’s some of the advice we have gathered.

  • Look for a heavy-gauge metal that is rust resistant or has been powder-coated to be that way.
  • Most people need a minimum cooking surface of at least 400 square inches. If you do a lot of cooking, you’ll probably want at least two burners, maybe three. Then you can cook different foods individually at the right heat levels.
  • The lid should fit tightly. Make sure it’s easy to raise and lower.
  • Btu is the unit of power that a burner has. Bigger may not always be better. Look at the grill’s efficiency rating and a total Btu in the 25,000 to 50,000 range.
  • Side burners and side shelves are a convenient feature. They hold cooking implements, sauces for basting and provide a place for plating the food.
  • Ensure the manufacturer offers a good warranty and has a good service reputation. Most people prefer a toll-free service line with helpful and friendly customer service reps.
  • Check that the drip pan is easy to get to and easy to work with. Anything that makes this chore simpler is a plus so you don’t put it off.
  • If your grill is moveable, you will want lockable wheels. You can easily store your grill against the house, but move it out to the  recommended clearances from walls and eaves while cooking.
  • Buying a higher quality model will cost more at first but it may mean you will never need to buy another grill again rather than having to buy a new lower quality grill every few years.


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