Building a home in Sumter community

Peoples Gas employees working on a community project

One of two groups of Peoples Gas team members at a Habitat for Humanity homebuilding project.

Peoples Gas Eastern Region team members recently brought their commitment to the community to Habitat for Humanity. They helped hammer out a future for a family in need.

In early April team members from the Eustis and Orlando divisions visited a dilapidated site in Sumter County.  At the site, Habitat for Humanity is overseeing the construction of a new house. Peoples Gas employees spent a day building the walls. The new home is part of Habitat for Humanity’s mission to replace poverty housing with new residences to create a stronger community.

Community support

“It’s so gratifying to see this team come together for this kind of accomplishment. To see what started out as a pile of wood become walls,” said Debbie Frazier, senior administrative specialist with Peoples Gas’ Orlando Engineering department and coordinator of the teambuilding effort. “One guy on the street said the property before was just devastating, a real hazard. When it’s completed, this will be someone’s dream home.”

Peoples Gas team members building walls for a Habitat home

Peoples Gas team members get down to the business of helping the community with carpentry and other tasks.

A lot of work remains for other volunteers in the community – the new homeowner included – to build on the efforts of the 16 team members. But with a house that now has walls, the difference is already visible. 

“We had a great time working together as a team,” Frazier said. “It’s not just one family that TECO was able to help. With a nice new home on the way, the entire street is better for it.”


Check out the Peoples Gas website for information about other ways Peoples Gas serves the community


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