Adding Natural Gas Appliances: Getting Started

woman reading on her computer about adding natural gas appliances So you’ve decided to start using efficient natural gas appliances in your home. Or you are adding or replacing an existing appliance. Here’s a brief overview of how the process works for our customers. Since piping must be installed, adding natural gas appliances is not as quick as flipping a switch. But it’s definitely worth the wait so you can enjoy the amenities and energy savings of natural gas.

□ If you aren’t currently one of our customers, call Peoples Gas at 877 TECO PGS (Select Residential, then option4) to find out if energy saving natural gas is available for your home.

□ Choose your natural gas appliance(s). Be sure to check out all the types that are available to you. If you are replacing or adding one natural gas appliance, it often makes sense to add other energy efficient appliances at the same time.

 □ You can purchase natural gas appliances from appliance sales providers listed on our website or from stores such as Lowes, Sears, Home Depot and other appliance stores.

 □ Select an installing contractor. Peoples Gas provides a list of contractors who install natural gas appliances. You may also locate installing vendors in your local phone directory.

 □ After the installation, be sure to collect your rebate(s) from your contractor or Peoples Gas. When collecting from Peoples Gas, you’ll need proof of purchase and installation and a completed energy conservation rebate form.

□ Enjoy endless hot water, draft free heating, quicker drying times, and more!

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