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Welcome to our Natural Gas Blog. Peoples Gas hopes you will visit often to find information on energy efficiency, the latest news on natural gas appliances, what our team members are doing in the communities we serve, a tasty recipe every now and then, and more.

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2 Responses to About this blog

  1. Patricia Futrell says:

    This company has the worst customer service of any in this area. The incredibly long hold time when calling is beyond belief…….however, if they promise to call you back that is all it is…..a promise. After failing to get call backs, I drove to their expensive looking business office on West 23rd Street. There I discovered that there are no local people who will unlock the doors to assist customers face to face…….only toll fee numbers with no human interaction. This town needs more competition with this utility……..sorry I have natural gas if I have to attempt to deal with these people……..

    • tecosal says:

      Ms. Futrell – we apologize for your experience with Peoples Gas. And I apologize that I did not see your blog comment earlier. Did your issue get resolved? If not, please send you phone number and account number or address to WeCare@tecoenergy.com. I will see that a customer service representative calls you.

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