A day to thank the hardworking team members who bring you safe, reliable gas

George Halpern with Peoples Gas at a natural gas pipeline.

George Halpern with Peoples Gas at a natural gas pipeline.

If you’re among TECO’s approximately 367,000 Peoples Gas customers across Florida or the 515,000 New Mexico Gas Co. customers, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your service and those who provide it – especially if you use our convenient online bill payment systems (available in Florida and New Mexico!).

Instead, you simply know that your natural gas service will dependably fuel your life, as it does for millions of people across the United States.

But we think a lot about the TECO team members who ensure that safe, reliable service for you because our people are our most valuable assets. That’s why we’re proud to recognize the great work that they do, day in and day out, on Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day.

Sponsored by the American Public Gas Association, it happens on March 18 to mark the date of the 1937 New London school explosion in Texas – a disaster that greatly increased public awareness about natural gas safety. Safety, of course, is the top priority across TECO Energy; it takes precedence over everything as we inspect, maintain and create new infrastructure to serve you and handle a crisis if it should arise. We also work hard to educate our customers about safety, because ultimately, staying safe around natural gas is a partnership between us and the community.

Henry Jaramillo Jr. checks a customer's meter in New Mexico.

Henry Jaramillo Jr. checks a customer’s meter in New Mexico.

Natural gas is great for customers because it’s environmentally friendly, safe, convenient to use and cost-effective. It’s great for TECO because more and more customers are interested in making it part of their lives. We offer numerous ways to lighten your carbon footprint through natural gas – for example, did you know that when one average Florida household switches a non-gas water heater to a natural gas tankless water heater, it reduces the household carbon footprint by approximately 3,000 pounds every year?

Through it all, from installation to customer service, our outstanding natural gas utility workers are ready to help you. Many of them are natural gas customers too, so they know what you expect and deserve as a customer – and the results make us proud. Cogent Reports, in fact, named Peoples Gas the overall most-trusted utility company in the nation in July 2015.

We didn’t get there by accident – and with our commitment to safety, we make it our top priority to prevent accidents of all kinds. Our team members in Florida and New Mexico make that happen. Today and every day of the year, let’s think of the incredible job that gas utility workers do, at TECO and across the nation – and let’s be sure to say thanks.

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  1. Antonio N. Salas Sr. says:

    Thank to All the TECO Hardworking Team Members, who bring us Safe, Reliable Gas, You’ll are doing a Great Service.

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